I am a strong believer in the power of stories. Ever since I was a child, I reveled in the power possessed by the written, spoken and embodied word. Stories can move and make still. They can create and destroy, combine and malign, welcome and disassociate. Stories can hold entire cultures the complexity of their varied societies with astonishing ease, and they can also threaten the status quo.

From my birth in Uganda, to my sojourn in South Africa, to my pursuit of the Performance craft in the United States, I have found that stories are what people are willing to share. They are the pieces of ourselves that we give to each other, whether we have something to lose or nothing to gain.

My goal as an artist is to seek, find and share stories, and to use those stories to bridge the gaps I find myself in. As I find my own story and discover someone else’s, I seek to remind myself, and those around me, that we have more in common than we’d ever dare to believe.